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Challenging tyrants and speaking truth to power isn’t new to us – it’s core business for ISHR and the human rights defenders we support.

Providing those who defend human rights with the knowledge, tools and networks to combat injustice and deliver systemic change is what we do best.

Whether it’s speaking out for the rights of gay and lesbian people in Putin’s Russia, shining a light on the crushing of peaceful dissent in Xi’s China or defending the rule of law in the dawn of Trump’s America – human rights defenders are our best hope for a fairer, safer world.

Can you support them to plan and push for transformative change? Can you help us invest in the next generation of human rights defenders?

Click here to make a donation now and support our scholarship programme.

In 2017 our Human Rights Defenders Advocacy Programme will bring some of the best and brightest human rights defenders to Geneva for intensive training, network building and advocacy at the United Nations.

We know the programme works. We know it empowers human rights defenders and influences decision makers.

Participants from recent years have helped secure the legal recognition of women human rights defenders in Côte d’Ivoire, establish high-level UN positions to combat reprisals and tackle discrimination, and strengthened international law for those working to promote economic, social and cultural rights.

Invest in the future of human rights – empower a human rights defender today.

Big or small, your donation will help. Here's how...

$50 | Travel

Your donation will cover a defender's travel costs in Geneva

$100 | Books & materials

Your donation will provide a defender with a comprehensive pack of human rights handbooks and guides

$250 | Survival pack

Your donation will cover the costs of a defender’s meals

$500 | Access to decision makers

Your donation will enable us to convene a private round table to provide a defender with direct access to high-level diplomats and decision makers

$1,000 | Tuition

Your donation will help ensure we can bring in the best experts for face-to-face training sessions and workshops

$2,500 | Flights and accommodation

Your donation will cover the costs of flights and accommodation to bring a defender from the global south to Geneva

$6,000 | Full scholarship

Your donation will completely cover the costs of a full scholarship so a human rights defender who otherwise would not be able to attend can benefit from this unique experience

Please, invest in the future of human rights: empower a human rights defender and contribute to transformative human rights change today.


Big thanks to everyone who has donated so far.