Our Interns

Katherine Krahulik – Communications Intern (New York)

Katherine joined ISHR in September 20188 to work as the communicationsinter for its New York office. She is currently an undergraduate student in journalism and philosophy at Hofstra University, where her involvement with the school newspaper peaked her interest in human rights advocacy. While at ISHR, Katie hopes to gain the skills necessary to successfully manage digital content on the organisation's different media platforms, improve content presentation and create effective message delivery strategies. She is also excited to learn about the inner-workings of the UN and human rights NGOs.

Martina Napoletano – Communications Intern (Geneva)

Martina Napoletano holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Media Global from Edinburgh Napier University. She previously volunteered for Save the Children and took part, as a graphic designer, in an artistic collective in Berlin whose aims are to diminish female taboos. Her final university project, dedicated to the relationship between empathy and digital media, led her to apply a human-centered approach to her design processes. At ISHR, Martina hopes to continue using her empathetic approach in her work supporting human rights defenders and to help them express their voices via effective communication campaigns.

Daura Vera Hernandez – Communications Intern (Geneva)

Daura Vera Hernandez is Spanish and holds a BA in Media and Communications Sciences and English Studies from the University of La Laguna in Tenerife, Spain, and a MA in Journalism and Digital Communication, conducted by the Postgraduate University Institute (IUP). She has also experience as a community facilitator and intercultural technician at the University of La Laguna and has been involved in youth groups and NGOs working on cultural diversity aspects. She has recently followed an introductory course to Human Rights at the University of Geneva and has finished a course of Fundamentals of Graphic Design, given by the California Institute of Arts. During her time at ISHR, she hopes to get more insight on international mechanisms and human rights defenders and be able to effectively support the Communication Team.

Joyinola Layonu – Programme Intern (Geneva)

Joyinola Layonu holds an LLB Law degree from Coventry University and has recently completed an MSc in EU Politics from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). Her passion for human rights advocacy developed in her role as a training officer at LSE’s UN society, where she liased with student bodies and local businesses in promoting an anti-trafficking campaign. Her research interests include the arbitrary detention of unaccompanied migrant minors in Europe and the implementation of human rights treaties in African countries. While at ISHR, she hopes to develop a greater understanding of how UN human rights mechanisms can be strategically leveraged in closing the implementation gap, particularly vis-á-vis the rights of human rights defenders in African states.

Raphaël Viana David – Programme Intern (Geneva)

Raphaël Viana David is French-Brazilian and holds a BA in Latin American studies, an MA in Human Rights from Sciences Po Paris, as well as an MA in International Relations from Peking University, China. He has been involved in student groups and NGOs working on gender, LGBTI rights and legal assistance to migrants, and focuses his research on politics and human rights in East and South East Asia (China, Taiwan, Myanmar), as well as Latin America (Brazil and Colombia mostly). At ISHR, he wishes to gain a deeper understanding on how to advocate for and uphold international human rights standards, in particular with regards to human rights defenders, and obtain an inner perspective on the politics at play within the UN human rights system in Geneva. 

Tom Foley – Programme Intern (Geneva)

Tom Foley holds an LLB law from the University of Bristol. Through his legal education he has developed an enthusiasm for the international human rights mechanisms of the UN and work of NGOs. During his studies he held a research position at the University of Bristol Human Rights Implementation Center and he is a member of the Human Rights Lawyers Association. His primary interests lie in the way business and human rights interact, and through working in this area he hopes to contribute to building a better corporate accountability framework. He also holds interests in the work of treaty bodies and their relationship to human rights defenders, specifically on how their position can be strengthened in this context.