Treaty bodies | 2020 review must strengthen protection for rights holders and victims


As the 2020 review of the treaty bodies approaches, ISHR and NGO partners are calling for the process to fully reflect the perspective and views of rights holders and victims, and to use the opportunity to strengthen the system.

In a detailed submission on the upcoming review of the treaty bodies envisaged by UN General Assembly resolution 68/268, ISHR has emphasised why we need a strong and effective treaty body system. ISHR also joined a call by a group of NGOs on key principles of inclusiveness and accessibility for the review. 

'Treaty bodies are a key pillar of the international human rights architecture,' says ISHR's Vincent Ploton. 'The 2020 review provides a key opportunity to strengthen the system as a whole, but it also bears risks if we let regressive forces drive the process,' he warned.

Previous processes of treaty body strengthening, including during the process leading up to GA resolution 68/268 in 2014, have seen States with an intent to curtail the independence and effectiveness of treaty bodies taking the lead. There is a real risk that a similar scenario could repeat itself unless progressive States and actors come up with a clear plan to avoid regress and achieve progress. 

The ISHR submission provides a detailed analysis of the achievements and improvements made possible thanks to GA resolution 68/268 and issues which remain to be addressed. 

Read the ISHR submission to the survey here

Read the joint NGO submission here



Geneva: Vincent Ploton, 

New York: Madeleine Sinclair, 


Photo: Wikimedia Commons