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Today we farewell 18 brave human rights defenders who attended our flagship Human Rights Defenders Advocacy Programme. 

Whether they are involved in seeking justice for the abuses against their communities by corporations in Papua New Guinea and Brazil, combating stigma and discrimination against the LGBTI community in Barbados and Zambia, protecting women human rights defenders from violence in Belarus and Iraq, or supporting migrants in Guatemala and the Gulf, they all came to Geneva because they want to make the world fairer and more inclusive for everyone with ISHR’s - and your - support.

In a few days they will return to their communities, stronger and more equipped to leverage the UN to push for change in their countries. At ISHR, we will continue to follow and support them as they make the journey from ISHR’s trainees to ISHR partners and change makers. 

Let them know that you support their fight to protect and defend human rights!

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We know how much such expressions of solidarity mean to defenders, helping build their energy and resilience. With this, along with the tools we provide, they can become even more effective advocates for national-level change. 93 per cent of the participants in our 2018 flagship training reported that they had fully or substantially accomplished their advocacy objectives through the programme, and all thought they would put what they had learnt into practice. 

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Phil Lynch
ISHR Director


Photo credit: Cedric Gelissen Photography