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We all want to enjoy freedom and dignity, and to live in communities that are fair, just and sustainable. Human rights defenders are the people and organisations that make this a reality.

They work to ensure every person has access to quality education, a decent job, secure housing, a healthy environment and a doctor when we’re sick.

They work to ensure that none of us is harassed, imprisoned or even killed because of what we say or believe, who we love, or the colour of our skin.

Supporting these defenders for greater impact on the ground – and protecting them against those governments, corporations and fundamentalists whose currency is prejudice, profit or privilege – is what ISHR does best. We consult closely with defenders. We speak out and pursue accountability when they are attacked. We push for laws and mechanisms to protect them at the national level. And we ensure that the UN human rights system is safe, accessible and effective for them.

Watch the video below to learn more about our mission and impact!

All this work servicing defenders worldwide is only possible with the support of people like you, who are passionate about human rights. On Giving Tuesday, what better way to contribute to a better world than making a donation to help fund our training and mentorship programme?

Making human rights a reality for all depends on the work of defenders. With freedom and dignity under attack, the work of ISHR and your invaluable support have never been more important. 

It’s time to #GiveBack.