Donate | On Human Rights Day, contribute to a better world for all


Today is Human Rights Day. Today is the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It’s a day to say thanks and contribute to a better world through ISHR.

It’s a day to celebrate the work of those brave individuals and organisations who struggle for fairness, justice and equality for us all.

It’s a day to commemorate those selfless people who have paid, sometimes with their lives, for our freedom.

And it’s a day when you can say thanks and contribute to a better world through ISHR.

Why give to ISHR?

Because through our services, we strengthen and amplify the work of the courageous defenders who are shaping a future where everyone can enjoy their human rights. Here are just three recent examples of how we achieve this: 

  • We protect defenders from intimidation and reprisals by authoritarian governments and unscrupulous corporations: learn more by watching our new video here (or click on the image below).
  • We mobilise progressive companies to respect and support human rights defenders and civic freedoms: read a landmark statement issued today by leading businesses with which we work.  
  • We train and mentor defenders, building their capacity, providing them with direct access to influential networks and decision-makers, and supporting them to undertake strategic international advocacy that has significant impact on the ground: read about our alumni’s achievements here and learn more about the 2019 edition of our Human Rights Defender Advocacy Programme here!

Big or small, your contribution will help fund our 2019 human rights defender support and protection programme. 

This Human Rights Day, please make a donation, spread the word, and help deliver real change!

Picture: ISHR