Chinese Human Rights Monitor 2020 l 2nd Edition


The International Service for Human Rights (ISHR) publishes yearly four Chinese Human Rights Monitors (CHRM), aiming to support Chinese human rights defenders and civil society working on human rights in China in acceding to the UN human rights mechanisms.

This is the 2nd 2020 Edition!


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First and foremost, we hope you and your loved ones have remained healthy, safe, and have found the support needed during these times of hardship. The Covid-19 crisis has had significant consequences on the work of human rights defenders, but many worldwide have swiftly organized and responded to the crisis to ensure fundamental rights were protected. It has also impacted the work of the UN human rights mechanisms, some having to temporarily pause part of their work.

Yet, the UN experts have not remained silent: they have strived to ensure the world did not turn a blind eye to human rights abuses in China, by speaking out and sending letters to the Government on criminal charges against a jailed Tibetan activist; the arrest of 15 pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong, the inappropriate use of chemical agents and arrest of healthcare workers during the city’s mass protests, as well as Hong Kong’s flawed counter-terrorism legislation; the disappearance of Gao Zhisheng and detention of Shao Zhongguo; and the arbitrary detention over Christmas of Ding Jiaxi, Zhang Zhongshun and Dai Zhenya.

We are delighted to launch the 2nd edition of the Chinese Human Rights Monitor 2020, in order to support human rights defenders and civil society organisations better understand how to cooperate and make strategic use of the UN human rights mechanisms.

This bilingual publication gathers ISHR's Human Rights Monitors China-related content, while closely monitoring the Chinese government within the UN human rights spaces, and providing opportunities to civil society for UN engagement around issues of human rights in China.

This 2nd edition is comprised of:

1) The UN needs you! Upcoming opportunities to protect human rights at the UN (June 2020 update)

2) Human rights in China at the UN

HRC43 | Hold China accountable for brazen misuse of counter-terrorism measures to suppress fundamental freedoms

ISHR and HRW joint statement: UN rights body needs to step up on Xinjiang abuses

End disappearances of Chinese human rights activists, say UN experts

3) Supporting human rights defenders

COVID-19 l State action must be human rights compliant and protect human rights defenders

Wang Quanzhang should be free to join his family

ISHR launches bilingual explainer on rights of workers exposed to toxic substances


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