Thank you | ISHR December appeal donor board


A big thanks to everyone who’s getting behind our fundraising appeal and investing in the future of human rights by empowering a human rights defender today!

Thanks to the following people who have supported our December fundraising appeal

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$50 Travel | Your donation will cover a defender's travel costs in Geneva

Rita Kaali $20
Peter Splinter $25
Lynette Garrick $50
Tom Clarke $50
Ashley Bleeker $75
Christine Do Phan $50
Essam Koshak $50
Simone Wüscher-Ineichen $50
Laurie Tanner $60

$100 Books & Materials | Your donation will provide  a defender with a comprehensive pack of human rights handbooks and guides

Jill Donnelly $100
Emily Howie $100

Egbert Myjer $100
John Shawley $100
Wendy Trott $100
Friedhelm Weinberg $100
Antony Crockett $100
Catherine Godin $100
Yoni Ish-Hurwitz $100

Mona Valladares $100
Priya Gopalan $100
Toni Hynes $100
Sarah Ineichen $100
Juliette and Vincent Ploton $100
Jean-Daniel Vigny $100
Stephen Marks $100
Stefan Rösch $100
Christopher Duckett $125
David and Judith Lynch $175
Hurst Hannum $200
Benjamin Schokman $200
Barbara Ineichen $200
Paul McEvoy $200
Johannes Frank Rudolf Ruehl $200

$250 Survival pack | Your donation will cover the costs of a defender’s meals

Gregor Henneka $250
Phil Lynch and Lucy McKernan $250
Rosemary McCreery $250
Edward Santow $250
Hilary Charlesworth $250
Michael Posner $250
Yakushiji Kimio $250
Julie de Rivero $300
Chris and Margaret Sidoti $320

$500 Access to decision-makers | Your donation will enable us to convene a private round table to provide a defender with direct access to high-level diplomats and decision makers

Peter Tubman $500
Hans Ineichen $500
Anonymous $500

$1000 Tuition | Your donation will help ensure we can bring in the best experts for face-to-face training sessions and workshops

Jean-Jacques Martin $1,000
Philip Alston $1,000

$2500 Flights & accomodation | Your donation will cover the costs of flights and accommodation to bring a defender from the global south to Geneva

Liz Broderick $3,621

$6000 Full scholarship | Your donation will completely cover the costs of a full scholarship so a human rights defender who otherwise would not be able to attend can benefit from this unique experience

Jon Webster $5,200
DLA Piper $6,000
Krystyna Campbell-Pretty $10,000

Total as of 31 December: $34,131