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Throughout May, ISHR and the EHAHRDP are running a crucial joint fundraising appeal to support and protect human rights defenders in Africa and to strengthen and ampliy their work. Please help us help them!

Human rights defenders are the lifeblood of the human rights movement.

They are the drivers of human rights progress, promoting equality and dignity for all, preventing and exposing violations, and obtaining justice for victims.

But in too many regions of the world, many human rights defenders work in the face of grave personal risks and costs.

This is particularly the case in the East and Horn of Africa.

In Uganda, human rights defenders risk imprisonment for speaking out on the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons.

In Ethiopia, restrictive laws stifle freedom of expression and dissent.

And in Somalia dozens of journalists and media workers are killed every year.

No person should face such risks and restrictions for promoting and protecting the rights of others.

For the month of May, the East and Horn of Africa Human Rights Defenders Project in Kampala and the International Service for Human Rights in Geneva are running a joint fundraising appeal – to create a safer environment for human rights defenders and to support them to achieve human rights change.

Your contribution to this joint appeal will strengthen a powerful partnership between ISHR and EHAHRDP, as we work at the national, regional and international levels providing critical support to human rights defenders.

Please donate now.

A message from ISHR Director Phil Lynch

A message from EHAHRDP Director Hassan Shire


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Jon Webster

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Professor Philip Alston

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Thank you for your generous contribution to this joint appeal!


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