Egypt: The Price of Silence


Thursday 7 March


Room XXV, Palais des Nations. Geneva

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The current human rights situation in Egypt continues to worsen. Eight years after the 2011 uprising almost all forms of dissent have been repressed while arbitrary detention and torture continue to be reported. An NGO law has greatly reduced the capacity of independent civil society organizations to operate. Human rights defenders and individuals who have cooperated or have attempted to cooperate with the UN have been subjected to human rights violations and reprisals by the government to silence criticism. Egyptian authorities are increasingly using counterterrorism and state-of-emergency laws and courts to prosecute journalists, activists, and critics for their peaceful activities.

Chair and speakers: 

  • Bahey Eldin Hassan, Director,  Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies
  • Andrea Rocca, Deputy Director, Front Line Defenders
  • Amr Magdi,  Middle East and North Africa Researcher, Human Rights Watch
  • Shymaa Aboelkhir, Media and Advocacy Officer, Committee for Justice (CFJ)

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